Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Race Cars Nano

!±8± Air Hogs Zero Gravity Race Cars Nano

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Nano will lead children to the wall. The most amazing irreplaceable toys for their children. That brings hours of fun for the kids and they can do in disbelief, like the artist with cool zoom to your walls and ceilings.

This Zero Gravity Race cars have had an incredible ability to cling to walls and ceilings of any type of surface. The Air Hogs Zero Gravity Nano-car racing has no restrictions. Smaller and lighter than the Air Hogs Micro, this graycar remote has a splendid scale speed performance on smooth surfaces indoors. Turn on the Venturi walls nano scale or zoom on the ceiling fan. Designed for ages eight to store the nano controller the car and recharge the batteries.

Climb the walls

Air Hog Zero Gravity Car feature a sleek, lightweight, aerodynamic and details of the race, the nano-scale the walls and even drive upside down on the ceiling. The RC controller / charger is equipped with a steering wheel,Back and forth the gas, adjust the steering trim controllers and storage / loading area.

Before Nanocars Zero Gravity for a lap, may help adults want to install the controller / charger with six "AA" batteries (not included). The Nano has a rechargeable battery and the machine is operating light flashes when the battery is running low. For recharging, easily the Nano in the RC controller / charger. A flashing red light lets you know the batteryLoad and in about half an hour Racer Air Hog Zero Gravity will be ready to go.

Super Smooth Performance Zero Gravity Car

As a race car itself, the Hog's Nano Air can be used and ran in the right environment. Preferably have large open interior spaces are recommended, and keep to the dwarf all the floors and walls clean area and smooth. Left and right buttons on the controller you can attach to the fairing, so that the severity of strokeCar go straight.

Smooth surface on the right, the Nano Air Hog incredibly large-scale speed, hitting a speed of eight centimeters per second, the ground floor and five centimeters per second, while climbing the wall or a ride up to the ceiling. Pushing the throttle forward to get up to speed quickly and then turn the steering wheel, makes the Nano for donuts and drive around for more fun.

A switch on the back of the nano-enabled VenturiFan, so that the Nano's aspiration - so stick to the walls and go upside down from the ceiling.

Challenge your friends

There will be fun for the kids! The green-black Nano Air Hog Zero Gravity Race Cars are part of a series of light Zero Gravity Car. Several models of nano-drive (sold separately) are connected to different radio frequencies so that the control Zero Gravity Car Race multiple simultaneously at the same time with all your friends.

What isbox

Dwarf Car Racing Zero Gravity (Grey), Manual of the controller / charger and instructions.

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Race Cars Nano

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